What ever happened to the good old days!?

Inspire Me

Honest to goodness 

 So the good old days what ever happened to them? I remember when there was a time of pure silliness, the world was more niave and charming! There where certain things that where taboo and others well not so much!!!
This gives new meaning to have a coke & a smile! Ah a pure world or perhaps we where too numb to know better?

Such a time where Santa was friends with the Surgeon General and tabacco companies could make a killing at the Holidays?

Or perhaps your husband  wanted a little foreplay with hisRead more

Today's Inspirations! 

  In other obsurd and intresting inspirations, I love vintage photographs, they never seem to stop
making me giggle, and stoke my imagination, perhaps get the creative juices flowing.
This Easter Bunny for instance, there is nothing cute or cuddely about her!?

Well now here is a Holiday gift that she will think really sucks!

With that said, however there where some absolutely amazing, and wonderful adds for instance Erte does Cartier.
Could we get anymore delicious then Erte & Cartier??…